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Drone Inspections

All too often a roof is not visible or safely accessible due to legitimate site conditions. As a result inspectors routinely "disclaim" the responsibility of inspecting the roof. That's not a good deal for you.


A quality roof inspection is a fundamental part of protecting your new investment.

That is why UPCIS, Inc. includes a Roof Inspection Guarantee* as part of our full home inspection. My first priority is always to walk a roof when accessible and safely possible to do so. But if I cannot, or the roof surfaces are not clearly visible from the ground, I will bring out the drone and make sure I inspect your new home's roof, one way or another.

*The fine print: Terms and conditions do apply. I will not be able to inspect the roof with the drone due to Acts of God (i.e. inclement weather like rain, strong winds, etc), if site conditions do not allow for safe operation, or the home is within an FAA drone exclusion zone. Please note: I cannot inspect the roof covering when it is covered in snow.

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