Terms of Service:

Homeowner Tech Support (aka "HTS") is not:

1) unlimited access to UPCIS. Homeowner using the HTS service may contact the UPCIS at any time, day or night, weekends or holidays, however HTS is not an unlimited or unrestricted amount of access to UPCIS. In order to offer a service for a reasonable price, the general guideline is as follows: a maximum of thirty (30) minutes of time for the "Basic" plan, and one (1) hour of time for the "Stress Free" and "Annual" plans per month is adopted. If UPCIS feels that the homeowner is abusing the service, UPCIS retains the right to cancel the service plan at any time, and for any reason. 

2) a home inspection (or extension thereof), site visit or other in-person evaluation. HTS is intended to be a first line of support for a homeowner so that they can receive guidance and direction in times of uncertainty. All help through the HTS service will be from a distance. If inspector has a copy of a previous home inspection, he may reference that report in order to assist answering HTS questions. If a site visit is required to gather further information, both parties may mutually agree to set-up a site visit or inspection for an additional fee.

3) a licensed opinion of the question or issue that arises by the homeowner. UPCIS is a home inspection company, and is not a licensed contractor. As with home inspections, UPCIS's observations and recommendations are intended to be a starting point, and not necessarily the final say. In many situations, UPCIS will be refering the homeowner to a licensed professional for a further or deeper analysis. 

4) a quote, estimate or any financial representation of cost. UPCIS is not a contractor and as such will not be making repairs or providing estimates of repair. UPCIS may provide "a number" to the homeowner to help them arrive at a very general or vague idea of what resolution of their issue may entail, but those values are in no way an acurate represenation of the industry costs they would ultimately need to pay to resolve the issue. Accurate estimates and quotes must be received by an industry professional who is qualified to complete the work. 

Homeowner may cancel their HTS service at anytime. All payments made to UPCIS for HTS services are non-refundable. No refunds will be made if the service is not utilized in any given month (in part or in full). It is the responsibility of the homeowner to utilize the HTS service as their need arises.

As a subscriber to a HTS service, you may receive periodic emails from UPCIS. You agree to receive email updates from regarding the service, its use, updates in these terms of use, maintenace reminders, anything that is related to homeownership, maintenance reminders, or anything else deemed by UPCIS to be relevant to the purpose of the HTS service.