Wood Destroying Insects

Why Care About Wood Destroying Insects (i.e. Carpenter Ants)?

  • They are eating my house! Actually, they are burrowing tunnels through wooden members of the home to create nests.
  • These tunnels can severely weaken structural framing members such as floor joists and girders, posts and beams.
  • Carpenter ants prefer wet, damp wood, but can and will tunnel through dry, sound wood. Their work in a piece of wood accelerates it's decay, compounding more and more problems down the road.
  • And don't let anyone fool you into believing you have termites, because we don't have them in this area.  It's too cold.

How Should I Protect My Home?

First, let's find out if your new home even has a problem with carpenter ants.  

That's where I come in.

I can not only identify if and where carpenter ants are in and around the home, but can likely explain why they are there, and possible solutions on how to resolve it. Whether a part of your Full Home Inspection, or you are just a concerned home owner, I will inspect your home inside and out to help you rest assured that you do not have any wood destroying pests.