Well & Water Quality

Mechanical Well Evaluations

 A dry or underperforming well can cost between $6,000-$10,000 to replace depending on the style, depth & location. Have me evaluate your well and I will:

  • Run the well to make sure it is functioning and could keep up with average household demand
  • Verify the system is operating at satisfactory pressure, (if a pressure gauge is present)
  • Report the style of well & pump equipment present at the home
  • (If requested) Take a Bacteria water sample and have a MI state certified lab test it.
  • Additional water samples (i.e Nitrate/Nitrates, Aresenic, etc) are extra

Please note, UPCIS is not a licensed well company. My goal is to discover if there are any issues that could affect your purchase of the home, and point you in the right direction. If the well is not functioning in a usable manner, UPCIS will refer you to a local, licensed well company for a licensed inspection. UPCIS performs functional mechanical well evaluations as part of a home inspection. It is not an inspection of code compliance, but to determine if the system is functioning and producing water. For a complete and licensed inspection, you would need to contact a licensed well company.