In-Depth Septic & Well Inspections

Septic problems are one of the most expensive problems a homeowner can face when owning a home, which can cost many thousands of dollars to fix. This system is critical to the functionality of your home.

Septic Evaluation/Load Test

I will:

  • dig down to the tank
  • tell you if the tank is full and needs to be pumped
  • if the outlet baffle is present (this protects your drain field)
  • what kind of tank it is (if ascertainable)
  • if the field is receiving effluent via a flow test

Please note, UPCIS is not a licensed septic company. My goal is to discover if there are any issues that could affect your purchase of the home, and point you in the right direction. If the septic system is not functioning in a usable manner, UPCIS will refer you to a local, licensed septic company for a licensed inspection. UPCIS performs functional evaluations as part of a home inspection. It is not an inspection of code compliance, but to determine if the system is backing up into the home. For a complete and licensed inspection, you would need to contact a licensed septic company.